June 6, 2013



Magical Ramón and The Five Bar Blues, by Alex Hubbard, was the second solo show by the artist at Maccarone Gallery New York.  The exhibition highlighted the artist’s use of multiple mediums including sculpture, painting and video.

One series installed in the space were seven works referred to as “bent paintings.”  These works consisted of pigmented urethane casts that had been contorted through an intricate heating process involving a home-made oven.  The end result were seven different colored floppy objects installed casually throughout the gallery.


The second series included in the exhibition was a new series entitled “the bars.”  The bars were one-person portable drinking bars, about the size of two phone booths, stocked with alcohol and a working beer tap.


The show also included a video piece entitled Hit Wave II, a 6 minute collage of multi-directional actions, including the artist and magician character Magical Ramón, sliced together into a chaotic visual experience.


The final element of the exhibition were a a group of 5 paintings framed in gold and lit by cast abalone-shell sconces.


Alex Hubbard is from Oregon and lives and works in New York. Most recent solo exhibitions include “Bent Paintings (why horses paint)” Galerie Eva Presenhuber (2012) and “Alex Hubbard, Hammer Projects”, The Hammer Museum (2012).

Paper Chase Press had the honor of printing a limited edition poster for Hubbard’s work, it is available on our new e-commerce site, purchase here.  The poster is printed on FSC Certified 100# matte text weight paper stock and measures 24 x 36 inches.

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