August 12, 2013

Amazon Joins Art World Online


Brick and mortar shops selling music or books have continued to give way to their online counterparts like iTunes and e-books in recent years. Additionally, Angelenos can now begin buying groceries and food from delivery services online. It is by no surprise, then, that online art-vendors have started popping up around the internet including a new service from Amazon.

Galleries, however, are not threatened by the existence of these new virtual sellers.

Gallery manager Danny Sanchez of Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco currently showcases the haunting photography from artist Jamie Baldridge. The same photos are currently available online, but Sanchez views their online presence as a positive for his gallery, rather than a threat.



The Hindenburg Signal Ballet by Jamie Baldridge, Modernbook Gallery


“It’ll be another outlet for us to showcase our artists and get that wider range of people who are looking for art that would normally not come across into our building,” Sanchez says of his recent partnership with Amazon.

The innovative pioneers of online shopping at Amazon include a diverse array of galleries from New York, Miami, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Canada in their new fine art section.

Amazon joins the world of already established online art sellers such as Eyestorm, Artsy, and ArtSpace who have sold the works of many major museums and galleries. Amazon, too, offers high end work such as Warhols and some pieces by Norman Rockwell, but offers lower end priced work as well.

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