February 16, 2012

Bruce Hainley’s New Show, Sub Marina

From Bruce Hainley’s To Whom it May Concern:

“With Tina Fey finally agreeing to co-showrun for a season, NBC’s picked up my new series for Amy Sedaris, Sub Marina, about a Marina Abramović stand-in who subs when the artist is absent (as everyone knows, her “art” has been made in absentia for decades). The sub lives in a sub-basement of MoMA, from which Klaus Biesenbach doppelgängers try constantly to evict her, and, although born and raised in West Virginia, she’s forced to speak with a Serbian accent. In the pilot, Marini (Sedaris) has to (1) keep an appropriate gaze despite staring at a person whose cross-eyes, Marty Feldmanesque, accentuated by a caterpillar unibrow, make it impossible to focus soulfully; and (2) figure out a way to retrieve an e-mail before it’s opened (commissioned to review the updated [Robert Wilson intro!] paperback of James Westcott’s biography, When Marina Abramović Dies, for Wmagazine, Marini mistakenly attaches, instead of her final version, a draft of her text, at a point when she was still stuck on how to go further than her opening line: “Not soon enough.”). Hijinks ensue.”

Read more of Bruce Hainely’s essay here.

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