September 17, 2013


Photographer, Hilary Walsh is known for her provocative images and subdued lighting.  The San Francisco native has worked in New York, London and Paris building a career photographing fashion and celebrities.  Now residing in Los Angeles, Walsh continues her photography along with other projects such as launching a line of hand dyed clothing.  We sat down with Hilary to ask her a couple questions about print.

Why do you think print is meaningful?
You can keep it forever and it just gains value

You produce a softcover book annually of your photographic work with Paper Chase, why is it important to see the work in print? What kind of reactions do you typically get? Does it help to promote your work?
I get great reactions from clients.  It shows that I can see projects through and have not only a photographic intuition, but art director ability as well.  It’s important to make things that are cohesive and making a softcover book of new work is the best way to organize your own vision as a photographer.  Looking at an Ipad does not do the work justice.

With all your traveling, do you find print is celebrated internationally?
Yes, print is still celebrated internationally.  In fact, I feel it will have a renaissance

See more of Hilary Walsh’s work here


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