February 18, 2013

Drink Your Heart Out

Each of the postcards in Pamela Littky’s box of promo cards shows one of her celebrity portraits and, at the bottom, her website address. But on the back, there’s a surprise: a recipe for a cocktail. Chosen to match the celebrity’s personality, each cocktail is also renamed. On the back of Littky’s portrait of director Lena Dunham, for example, is a recipe for a drink called “The Dunham,” more commonly known as the “Brooklyn Car Bomb” (a concoction that combines Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Crown Royal whisky). The portrait of the comic actor Zach Galifianakis is backed with a recipe for the “Zach Attack,” which bartenders know as the “Hairy Navel.” Below each recipe is contact information for Littky and her reps at Copious Management.

To produce the “Happy Hour” promo, she bought boxes and found a coaster maker through a Google search. She and Harmer worked with Paper Chase Printing in Los Angeles, who had printed Littky’s previous promotion. She and her reps mailed the sets to advertising and editorial clients they thought would like Littky’s portraits. A week and a half after she and her reps began mailing the boxes, Littky had already heard from recipients. “They really seemed to have enjoyed it as well as the work.”

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