July 31, 2012

Hot Off the Press: Mike Mills Posters for Commune Design!

Paper Chase prints a limited edition poster series for multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Mike Mills in collaboration with renowned design group Commune. The posters use bright colors and bold imagery to address the theme of civil disobedience.

Mike Mills is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, musician, handsome gentleman and multi-disciplinary imagination vessel. His recent film Beginners arrives on the heels of decades of nimble, idiosyncratic and hella special work like his other films Thumbsucker and Paperboys(among others) and his music videos for Yoko Ono and Air, as well as album covers for Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. If you saw him in that seminal documentary of outsider art, Beautiful Losers, you probably remember what an eloquent voice he has on behalf of his craft, and on behalf of being human. That voice, carried over into his film, print and other work, is what moves us so deeply.



To purchase a poster, click here.


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