October 12, 2012


Established photographer Sam Diephuis recently printed his book “Pulse” here at Paper Chase. Based in Los Angeles, Sam Diephuis first went to Jamaica in 2011. In the opening essay of the book, he writes,

“At the time, the plan was simple: capture the reggae scene on camera – big name artists at big – name venues; unknown musicians on street corners; and up-and-coming performers at dingy, makeshift spaces with no more than a few speakers piled high, some CDs, and a guy with a microphone. But as the months passed, it became impossible to delineate the boundaries between regae and Jamaica as a whole. The project became less about photographing an independent music scene, and more about finding the spaces of overlap – the unique way the spheres of music, politics, and cultural identity in Jamaica merge and collide.”

What follows is a 144 page book filled with color, landscapes, and portraits – all with such beautiful personality. Although the book is not currently for sale, it is definitely a joy to spend some time with.

You can view Sam’s work here, or visit his blog for more up-to-date postings.

Photographs by Robbie Acklen
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