March 5, 2014


To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we chatted with powerhouse Jesse Kamm, founder and designer of a luxury, artisan label focusing on minimal design, clean lines, and classic shapes.


Why is print important to you?

Looking through old imagery is how I stir up my creative process.  Looking through the blogs gives me a fucking headache. I have 50 books that I reference at the start of every season, and then to the library I go.  Print is where it is at, if you are averse to headaches.

How has printed media inspired you and/or your clothing line?

The photographs of each collection I create are a very important part of my storytelling.  Each collection tells its own tale.  To see a and touch the fabrics and garments in person, is one part of the process. To see a powerful image of a beautiful girl in a dress is something else entirely.  Taking in the images allows the customer or buyer to understand what the collection is saying.  I love watching the work be understood.  I think the digital world is great for sharing information, but having the printed works is where the magic happens. It feels good to hold a book in your hand.  It is a very valuable experience.  I feel that the books are little pieces of art all on their own.  I love them.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.09.44 PM

Throughout your travels, have you come across any areas that celebrate print in a unique way? Or found any special print items that you have held on to?

I am a minimalist, so I try not to hang on to much excess.  I do, however, have treasured books that go with me from city to city.  They are part of my caravan. I am always looking for the next great addition.  Just yesterday I came across a book printed in the 1960′s by Sunset Magazine- how to build your own mid century furniture.  I put a bid in for it.  My fingers are crossed.

All photos shot by  Lizzie Garrett

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