June 12, 2013




Founded in 2004 by Kate Stone, Novalia is a UK based company creating innovative products that integrate traditional printing with conventional electronics.  Through a diverse team of engineers, creative developers and scientists the company has made some fascinating interactive print-ables. Stone talks about how she got started in her recent Ted Talk 2013, watch here.

In the seminar she talks about her decision to buy a printing press to teach herself how to print and figure out a way to make regular old paper more interactive, thus the beginning of Novalia. ”It’s pretty simple really,” she says, “It’s things that have been done before but brought together in a different way.”  Kate then performs a demonstration:  she has pinned up a poster with a drumset printed on it, the poster is linked to an iphone app via bluetooth 4,  when she taps on one of the drums the audience hears the beat on a speaker which is connected to the iphone.

Another project they have created is a development kit which to be self assembled, with your own graphics and laminate over the top, and an app that is totally configurable, so you can choose what each button will do. Touch one of the eight touch locations on the print and the app can either play music, send a tweet or control itunes.


With further experimentation Kate Stone and her team at Novalia are sure to create some amazing printed electronics.  As Kate explains “I love bringing technology together, having fun, being creative, It’s not about technology. It’s about creating a great experience.”

Read more about the Kate Stone Ted Talk here


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