September 30, 2013

Mark Hagen at China Art Objects


Mark Hagen
Paleo Diet
6086 Comey Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
T: 323.965.2264

China Art Objects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Los Angeles based artist Mark Hagen.  This exhibition will reflect Hagen’s continued exploration of categorical slippages that point to alternative trajectories for material, cultural, and conceptual histories. Using common or utilitarian materials and processes that steer their inherent tendencies, Hagen creates sculptures and paintings that can record the physical circumstances of their manufacture, or act as arenas and frameworks within which the unintended, the amorphous, and the impractical flourish, ultimately suggesting mimetic portraits of the art world as just such a normative system.

Central to Paleo Diet is a new installation made from Hagen’s “Additive Sculpture” space frame modules titled The Alhambra (after both the Moorish palace in Granada, Spain and the California city east of Los Angeles). Approaching the architectural and the monumental, yet opposing both with their typical venerations of power, hierarchy, and permanence, The Alhambra recalls the space frame’s early history (championed by 1960’s radical artist/architects like Yona Friedman and Constant Nieuwenhuys as a means for achieving a democratized, architectural nomadism) while resuscitating it from its current consignment of industrial utility and corporate/civic decor. Traversing the gallery The Alhambra transforms from a “wall-free” ethereal canopy into an improvised and eccentric structure titled The Ramada (after provisional shelters of the America Southwest which also have roofs but no walls). Here Hagen’s reconfigurable space frame becomes perversely cemented into place as well as provocatively contaminated, sprayed over with a “papercrete” made from concrete and pulped magazines (a 1999 “Y2k Survival Handbook” and several 1980’s issues of Truckin’) found in the attic of the artist’s home.

Mark Hagen was born in 1972 in Black Swamp, Virginia. Recent exhibitions include Made in L.A. 2012, at the Hammer Museum; Handful of Dust, at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, TC: Temporary Contemporary, at the Bass Museum of Art; and Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; California Biennial 2008, Orange County Museum of Art. Hagen’s artist book 2013? was published in 2012. He received his MFA from CalArts in 2002 and lives and works in Los Angeles, California

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