November 6, 2013

melissa coker of wren


We recently sat down with Melissa Coker of Wren to chat about printed media and her clothing line Wren.

Why do you think print is important?
The printed object in your hands is incomparable.  The tangibility, the credibility; its more engaging and enables you to reach your targets in a more substantial way.

How do you think print within the fashion industry is changing?  Do you still see room for printed media in the fashion world?
Most definitely – people are inundated with emails and its easy to get lost in all that chatter.  Printed media is able to connect you in a way that online media never can.

How do you use print to help promote Wren?
We use print to connect with editors, stylists, buyers and key clients.  Its the first line in our promotional and marketing plans.

wren1      wren3

Do you have any favorite print items?  Books, posters, other collectables?
We printed some gigantic blow ups for a few polaroids that we shot and hung them around the studio.

photo 1


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