July 6, 2012


Unless you’ve had your eyes firmly closed for the past five years you’ll know that graphic design is undergoing a slow but purposeful metamorphosis, at least in some areas. A hardcore faction of designers are moving away from the Swiss Style rulebook and embracing increasingly more daring aesthetic and geometric arrangements, eschewing crisp white space and Grotesk type in favour of vibrant gradients and the occasional flourish of Blackletter.

Somewhere in the middle of this movement sits Two Points Studio who are both working with and documenting the “Pretty Ugly” aesthetic, recently producing a volume for Gestalten that highlights the very best of the style. Aside from a striking body of editorial work, that also includes a series dedicated to glorifying a variety of type faces, they’ve produced posters, websites, identities and illustrations for a wide variety of clients that, rather refreshingly for “Pretty Ugly” practitioners, aren’t simply limited to the creative sector.

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