June 9, 2014


FSC Certified Paper Stocks 79Are you considering publishing your own books independently? High quality digital printing makes it possible for you to publish just a few copies at a time so you no longer have commit to a large press run that leaves you with boxes of inventory in your garage.

The important thing to remember is that shorter runs means a higher per unit price on your book. So you may not be able to produce the book for your normal wholesale price (whatever half the retail value will be).

What to do?

Books create inimitable exposure for your work and brand. They offer prestige, they boast an attention to detail, they create a space for your project to flourish. Forgoing a profit on an independently published book can be an important way to get your books out there in the world, and better market your work.

We often encourage our clients to make a suite of books, to do a combined run of hardcovers and softcovers. That way you can price the hardcover books higher (maybe even include a limited edition print), and the sales of those books can cover the bulk of the production cost for the lower-priced items like the softcovers.

So when you’re considering publishing independently, rather than thinking of what money can be made in the sale of each book, think more about what money can be made by the increased exposure. Your books are your marketing tools, make them work for you.

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